Scales of War

A Captive Audience

Good Constable, Bad Constable...

Before making the trek out of town to follow the hobs the group stopped by the town square where one of the members of last night’s raid was being held prisoner in the stocks.

The town guards allowed some leeway with our adventurer’s methods in extracting information from the hobgoblin, Morrik, as long as they did not damage him so much that he could not stand “trial” or attempt to set him free.

Castianna and Thorin_Dawnbringer used their silver tongues to convince the hob that it would be better to answer their questions that they could salve his wounds and put in a good word for him with the council if he cooperated. Rhavis showed the hob a grim face as well as his knife collection, etching his name along side one of his blades to get his cooperation. Ever attentive, Rhavis also noticed a Red Hand insignia on the remains of the hob’s armor and pointed it out to Thorin. Thorin remembering his studies of warfare at the Temple made mention of the events of the past, which caught the hob’s interest. Seakas turned his silver tongue against the hob as well, whispering things the hob wanted to hear, promising him a release from the stocks. The sad thing actually believed him. Ironskull ever the diplomat scared the literal piss out of the hob and slapped him around some.

Morrik relented to the questioning of the heroes:

- Sinruth was named as his leader; and the leader of The Red Hand of Doom reborn in all of its glory.

- Sinruth and his new Red Hand have set up their base in the Ruins of Rivenroar located about a day’s travel to the south east of town.

- The townspeople were taken at random or if they got in the way. They have a darker fate however: they are to be offered to the undead that roam the lower halls of Rivenroar so that the Red Hand forces can move relatively unmolested.

- The heirlooms from the Hall of Great Valor were taken as an insult to the people of Brindol to make mockery of their “supposed” defeat of the Red Hand over a decade ago.

- Morrik drew a crude map for the group to help guide them through the wilderness to the ruins.


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