Scales of War

A Meeting with the Councilman

Real battles are fought with words, not swords

Our heroes arrive at Councilman Troyas’ manor in answer to his summons; but he does not exactly welcome them with open arms. The people of Brindol (map) are leery of adventurers, especially the city council. Troyas is the only one who has argued in the favor of hiring any to help solve the town’s problems. He is no fool however and our heroes have to work to convince him of their sincerity and dependability. Using the art of diplomacy and drawing upon knowledge of Brindol’s past (especially the war with the Red Hand of Doom) the heroes convince Troyas they can be depended on.

Troyas fills them in on the details:

Six of the townsfolk is appears have been kidnapped:

Jalissa – An acolyte of Ioun

Kartenix – Head of the City Watch

Thurann – Kartenix’s 8 year old son

Mirtala – A cook from The Red Door

Zerriksa – A crone

Adronsius – An alchemist; owner of Alchemy by Adronsius

Sertanian – Castellan of the Hall of Great Valor

With the reveal of the last kidnapped person Troyas reveals the second thing the hobgoblins accomplished in the night: the robbery of the Hall of Great Valor. Either with the hobgoblins decided to take some treasure while kidnapping Sertanian or took Sertanian because he got in the way of them getting to the items they were after; Troyas isn’t sure. He lays out the list of items that are missing so far from the Hall :

—An ornate, gilded dragoncrest helm

—A ceremonial platinum longsword

—A set of three shields with the Red Hand insignia with a charred hole near the center.

—A set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree

—A Heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake

Troyas tells the group that there is a 200 gold reward if those that were kidnapped are returned to town or their fate otherwise ascertained. He also says that he will offer a 200 gold reward for the return of all of the missing heirlooms.

Before the heroes depart he mentions that the city guard did manage to capture one of the hobgoblins alive during the raid last night and that he is currently being held in the stocks in the town square. Troyas believes that the group may have a way to squeeze the hob for information if they so desire.


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