Scales of War

Descent into the Ruins

Chamber of Flame Unbound/Goblin Warren

Descending into the Ruins of Castle Rivenroar the adventurers were greeted by a sight that all great and noble heroes long to see: goblins and hobgoblins. The goblin sharpshooters at the back of the room immediately turned on a device that sent the braziers moving across the room sending gouts of flame traveling back and forth between them. Meanwhile the hobgoblin soldiers moved forward to block our heroes entrance into the room and allow the archers to have free reign peppering the party with arrows. Our two sturdy dwarves, Ironskull andThorin, stepped up to the front lines to meet them and stop their advance against the rest of the party.

Seakas meanwhile used the two dwarves as sufficient cover to nimbly dart through the two soldiers and and take a more advantageous position from which to sent arrows into the soldier’s backsides. Rhavis in the mean time shifted around his allies to reach the opposite side of the soliders from Seakas and began using his skill with a bow to send one of the soldiers falling to his backside, grasping at his knee. Castianna remained behind her shield dwarves showing the hobgoblins why it is never a good idea to allow wizards to perform fancy moves with their hands and near silent mumblings. A boulder of ice sprung from the ether in front of her hands landing behind the two soldiers and pelting them with razor sharp shards of ice. The hobs and gobs were not incompetent however. Both of the archers took aim, landing powerful shots against both Seakas and Rhavis. The soldiers up front pushed their advantage against Ironskull and Thorin, landing a pair of devastating blows with their flails. The dwarves struck back but the hobs armor proved to be thick and unyielding allowing them only a few open shots against the hobs, and those only delivering minor harm.

Seakas and Rhavis continued lining up their shots one after another, finally dropping one of the archers and one of the soldiers holding the line. Thorin went to work healing his allies in the midst of battle, calling down Pelor’s light to mend their wounds and ease their weariness. Ironskull managed to catch the last soldier off guard and brought down his greataxe (some have heard talking to it in his sleep, calling it Bessie) down on the soldier cutting him in half from shoulder to hip. Castianna continued lashing out throughout the battle with fire, lightning and ice. A druid has never even used nature to such devastating effect. She dropped the last goblin archer with a simple flick of the wrist: her arcane energies manifesting and shooting out from her finger tips thudding into the archer leaving cauterized holes across his chest.

Three paths availed the party then. They could head forward and down farther into the ruins or take a corridor to either the left or the right. After some careful sneaking and peeking a mysterious blue light came into sight at the end of the hall. Deciding that mysterious blue lights generally equal “bad times” the party decided to go down the left hall.

Once again sending the rogue and ranger to scout ahead the party realized that they had stumbled upon a barracks of some sort. Seakas and Rhavis used the opportunity to line up some surprise shots while the rest of the party rushed the room in an attempt to take the hobgoblins and goblins by surprise. Rhavis unleashed a hail of arrows down upon a group that was clustered together in the center of the room ending the life of two of the hobs. Castianna followed up his attack with one of her chilling ice bombs to kill two more hobs and wound a third. With four grunts down and better armed soldier wounded the party went in for the kill. Unfortunately for the party this is when reinforcements arrive out of the northern hallway: goblin sharpshooters. Unfortunately for the sharpshooters one of them did not make quite make his jump over one of the pits in the hallway and plummeted into the hole. The sharpshooter that made it began taking aim at the party members as Thorin moved to block his entrance into the room. Rhavis took aim and placed a bow shot directly in the goblin’s chest and Thorin rushed him pushing him back into the pit where the fall finished the job. The other goblin managed to climb out of the pit around this time and was met with shield and sword from Thorin and Ironskull. Pressed back by their all out assault he fell into the pit and landed on the corpse of his friend, being impaled by his dead comrade’s sword.

The party was in much need of rest at this point, after their trek through the harsh wilderness and doing battle with a dozen hobs and gobs upon entering the ruins. There were wounds to mend, spells to weave into memory and weapons to sharpen. The group barricaded themselves in the room, hopefully having dispatched this area’s guards in the previous fight, and settled in for a weary and watchful night.


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