Scales of War

Glimpses of Beyond

Wherein things are seen that cannot be unseen

After a troubled rest the party made their way out of the barracks room. Which was none too soon for anyone, as the remains of the hobs and gobs were beginning to be quite odoriferous. Moving to the corridor to the west Seakas and Rhavis scouted up ahead. Castianna called them up short however with a quick warning of an overwhelming aura of magic. Easing into the room the party was stopped short by a window into another world. On the northern wall was a portal undulating slowly. Floor to ceiling and 40ft across the portal showed a barren gray wasteland with with a large encampment in the distance glowing orange and red from firelight. The camp surrounded a gigantic building reaching up and piercing the sky with smoke stacks casting off a haze that eliminated any memory of what the stars above looked like. While the party was attempting to ascertain where this portal led to something was led to them. A slimy roiling mass moved toward Castianna as she examined the portal. With a pop the ochre jelly slid into the room and into midst of the group.

Castianna jumped back and unleashed an icy explosion on the jelly briefly crystallizing it and setting up with devastating effect for the massive attack that Ironskull brought to down on top of the jelly. Rhavis took quick aim and fired an arrow at the last moment the jelly remained crystallized and nearly broke it in half. From the shadows came an arrow launched by Seakas. The group thought they had achieved an early victory when the jelly fell into two parts. However they were soon dismayed to discover the jelly had now become jellies and there were two to contend with. While the part was occupied by the jellies all of the clangor awoke some of the spectres that inhabit the ruins. Thorin, sensing the undead awaking began to channel Pelor’s light and ran with a righteous fervor to smite one of the spectres. Pelor’s light flowed from Thorin’s hammer and a seared the spectre as his warhammer descended on the spectre crushing him as if he were flesh and bone. Before he could reach the second spectre however it faded away. Meanwhile Ironskull was having some bad luck with the jellies as they began to slam him with their mass. He managed to shrug off one of the attacks and smash one of them into even more of a pulp. The second jelly threw itself at Castianna who side stepped its mass and unleashed another icy grenado turning what remained of the jelly into an explosion of tiny green frozen crystals. Seakas had positioned himself in a corner in order to draw line of sight on anything else that made its way into the room. Unfortunately this meant he was not quick enough to respond to the remaining spectre as it materialized and raked him with its ethereal claws. Weakened from the attack Seakas only managed to do superficial damage to the creature and it continued to advance on him. Luckily for the halfling Rhavis’ keen eyes had picked up on his fellow adventurer’s plight. He nocked an arrow and spun in the opposite direction of the spectre, taking aim instead at Thorin. The arrow sailed from his bow striking Thorin’s upraised warhammer and transferring some of the divine light to the arrow head. The arrow ricocheted off the hammer and into the back of the spectre destroying it in a flash of light.

After taking a quick breather and one last uncomfortable glance at the portal the party moved out of the east exit of the room and found themselves in the hallway to the north of the barracks room. Once again with Seakas and Rhavis scouting the group came upon a room filled with sarcophagi. Rhavis and Seakas edged around the corner of the corridor and looked into the room unseen. There were several hobgoblins bearing shortswords and one that appeared to be armed with a bow and arrow on the far side of the room. Using the opportunity to strike from the shadows they both lined up shots and let fly. With two quick shots each all of the hobs with swords dropped with little clatter. The archer was alerted to their presence however and began unleashing volleys of arrows. Castianna stepped into the room and unleashed an icy blast cutting at the hob’s skin as well as pushing him back from the force. Ironskull and Thorin entered the room and started heading towards the iron spiral staircase to the north where a drake and another hob were making their way down. Rhavis pulled back with all of his strength and unleashed a powerful shot from his bow which caught the hob archer in the center of the chest and sent him stumbling backwards…into a trash pit where he met a sudden end with a long scream, a sudden thud and some reptilian growls. By this time Castianna had diverted her focus to the two creatures coming down the spiral staircase and she unleashed one of her most powerful incantations causing the entire staircase to be engulfed in a fountain of flame. The creatures had little choice in their actions as they attempted to run down the rest of the way only to melt during their journey while the rest of the party took harried them with attacks from range. The two dwarves looked at each other and shrugged with disappointment. Ironskull swore a dwarven curse and apologized to Betsy for her inactivity. Thorin took a moment to mend his fellows’ wounds before the party began to properly explore their surroundings. The party found a potion of blue liquid on one of the dead hobs and a few gold pieces. When they checked the sarcophagi they found the remains of what appeared to have been warriors or knights of the Rivenroar family. Each had been buried with a portion of gold to show their standing in life. One however held his family blade between his skeletal hands. A shortsword with its hilt made of outstretched black wings made up of incredibly detailed feathers descending down to the pommel where the sword was capped with a Raven’s head with eyes made from red gemstones.


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