Scales of War

Night Raid on Brindol

Nothing sets the mood for kidnapping quite like firelight

On the way to Overlook to answer a call to arms for adventurers our party stopped in Brindol (map) for an evening off the road. At the instances of the male members of the group they took up residence at the Brindol Gentlemen’s Club.

Conversing with the patrons they learned that Brindol had been the target recently of raids by hobgoblins out in the wilderness. Before the party had time to decide one way or another if that was significant to them the choice was taken away by hobgoblins bursting into the bar yelling “For Sinruth” and setting the bar afire with pitch covered torches.

Having had their weapons checked at the door the fight started off as a good ol’ fashioned bar fight. Seakas snuck over to the weapon check first and began turning hobgoblins into pin cushions from atop a table. Rhavis jumped across the firepit smashing a chair into the head of a hobgoblin on his way to his stored weapons. Once armed he began ricocheting arrows across the room with precision knocking the hobs on their backs. Castianna had her hands full putting out the fires the goblins were spreading. In between combating the blaze she showed why it’s not wise to interrupt a wizard’s happy hour throwing lightning and watching it jump between the hobs sizzle their insides. Thorin having spent much time in the Temple was not accustomed to bar fights and couldn’t seem to find his footing, or make his foot find the hobs, as several of his blows were too slow to catch the invaders. He did however call upon the renewing power of Pelor to mend the wounds of some of the bar patrons, his allies and himself. Ironskull took to the bar brawl with passion fitting a dwarf. He moved from enemy to enemy ending their life and taking their weapon for use on their friends beside them on his way to his own battle-notched greataxe.

The hobgoblins poured into the bar continuing the fight and trying to set it ablaze for the next few minutes but the heroes easily dispatched them and managed to save the bar (mostly) and earn the everlasting gratitude (and a 50% discount) from the barkeep:Bruhaus Ironcask.

Cautiously stepping out of the smoldering bar the heroes were met by several of the local guards who filled them in on the situation in the town. A quick look around did a better job. Buildings across town were ablaze and people were screaming in the streets. Some of the screaming started drawing closer and the heroes heard and felt a series of loud booms. The crowd of people screaming turned the corner and fled. From an ogre pulling a card full of lit casks of pitch and two more hobgoblins. The ogre welcomed the heroes by tossing one of the casks right at them.

Luckily for the group the ogre’s aim was as bad as it’s temper and the cask flew wide, landing right atop the tavern they just left setting it ablaze again. Having tired of these creatures interruption of her night of rest and relaxation Castianna stepped forward throwing her hands together in a clap and bringing them apart quickly —sending huge pillar of horizontal fire at the ogre and the goblins. All of them were badly burned but the hobs took the worst of it. More importantly though the remaining casks of pitch in the wagon caught fire and began exploding one after another every few seconds. Seakas and Rhavis both began a hail of arrows at their enemies with Rhavis using his cleverly placed bow shots to drop the ogre on its face several times. Ironskull and Thorin attempted to harry the ogre up close but neither were particularly successful and Thorin wasn’t quick enough to dodge a blow for the ogre’s giant club and was nearly pulped. Pelor showed his favor though; allowing Thorin to heal his wounds and those of his companions. In the end the ogre and his hob companions could not stand the peppering of arrows and the explosions and fire from the casks that Castianna set off. They collapsed a dark pile never to move again.

The group spent most of the rest of the night helping the towns people. Castianna helped put out blazes with her icy dweomers. Thorin healed those who had suffered injuries and had not yet passed the Raven Queen’s Gate. Ironskull and Rhavis stood watch on the ramparts watching for more invaders and Seakus put his informational skills to work finding out as much about the situation as possible. Having earned a rest the group were given rooms at the nicest inn in town: The Silk and Spoon. They had barely closed their eyes however when they were awoken by a messenger: Councilman Eoffram Troyas wanted a meeting with them.


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