Welcome to the Scales of War Adventure Path.

Civilization is scattered. It waxes in some places and wanes in others. But even where the goodly races manage to successfully establish themselves darkness awaits just outside the edge of the campfire watching for the light to flicker and dim.

Rumors abound in the Elsir Vale of Orc hordes preparing for the march; to bring an end to the goodly races of the Vale and the towns, villages and cities they make their homes in.

All has been quiet for over a decade; ever since The Red Hand of Doom were defeated. Why are these Orcs marching now? What hand guides them? Who will defend the citizens of the vale. Only secrets can hope to balance the scales of war.

Chapter 1 – “Rescue at Rivenroar”

Night Raid on Brindol

A Meeting with the Councilman

A Captive Audience

Lions, Tigers and…

Descent into the Ruins

Scales of War

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